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Embassy address: Level 24, Torre Espacio, Paseo de la Castellana 259D, 28046, Madrid - Telephone: 91353 6600 - Fax: 91 353 6692


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Welcome to the website of the Australian Embassy in Spain. Here you will find advice on a range of consular services available to Australian citizens and other practical information on matters such as trade and visas. This site can direct you to an extensive array of information online about Australia and the Australian Government.

The Australia-Spain relationship is close and multi-faceted. Our two governments consult and collaborate on a broad range of bilateral and international issues. Our shared democratic values and commitment to global peace and security are the basis for this collaboration. A key element of the bilateral relationship is defence and defence materiel. Spanish companies have won significant defence construction contracts and cooperation between the Royal Australian Navy and the Armada has grown especially close.

Commercial opportunities in Australia have attracted the entry into our market of nearly 100 Spanish firms in recent years. Spain’s construction, transport, IT and other world-class skills have enabled many to achieve commercial success. Australian firms are taking an increasing interest in Spain, with a growing number of investments, notably in financial services, software and mining. The embassy provides trade services through Austrade.

The beauty and cultural wealth of Spain attract more than 200,000 Australian tourists each year. Increasing numbers of young Spaniards are visiting and living in Australia for work and pleasure.

If you wish to learn more about Australian foreign and trade policy, or our bilateral relationships with Spain, Andorra or Equatorial Guinea, to which the Embassy is also accredited, you are encouraged to explore the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website: http://dfat.gov.au/geo/spain/, and http://dfat.gov.au/geo/andorra/.

All Australians travelling or living in Spain, Andorra or Equatorial Guinea are recommended to regularly check the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Travel Advice. This Advice can be found through the link on our site under 'Services for Australians'.

Foreign and trade policy priorities

The Australian Ministers for Foreign Affairs and Trade & Investment highlight the Australian Government's foreign and trade priorities in this short video.

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A must see destination. - for travel advice, registering your travel, checklists and information on available consular services.

Australia and Spain sign Work and Holiday visa arrangement

On 3 September 2014, Australia and Spain signed a reciprocal Work and Holiday (subclass 462) visa arrangement. When brought into effect, this will enable Spaniards and Australians aged 18–30 years to travel to each other's country for one year and undertake short-term work and study. There will be 500 places available for each country per programme year. Applications for this visa are not yet open. The Work and Holiday arrangement will not come in to effect until a start date has been agreed by both countries - this can take some time, up to several months, for both countries to establish the necessary legal and administrative processes.  We will be working closely with our Spanish counterparts towards a mutually agreed start date for this arrangement at the earliest possible opportunity. When a start date has been announced, eligible young adults from Spain and Australia will be able to apply for this visa. The commencement date will be announced on the embassy website and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website (www.immi.gov.au/Visas/Pages/462.aspx).

The Work and Holiday programme encourages cultural exchange by allowing young adults to have an extended working holiday in partner countries. Australia already has Work and Holiday arrangements with a number of countries and regions.


Selected speeches

Nueva Economia Forum: On 10 July 2014 Ambassador Hardy presented a speech in Madrid at the Nueva Economia Forum on "Economic Growth and the G20. How will we deliver?" You can read it here.

ANZAC Day 2014: On 25 April 2014, Wing Commander Andrew Harrigan, Resident Project Team Leader for the MRTT Project in Getafe, gave an address at at the ANZAC Day dawn service in Madrid. You can read it here.

Elcano G20 speech: On 9 April 2014 Ambassador Hardy presented a speech at the Real Instituto Elcano on Australia's hosting year for the G20. You can read it here.  

US Navy League: On 29 January 2014 Ambassador Hardy spoke at the US Navy League dinner on the Australian view of the Asia-Pacific and Strategic Partnerships. You can read it here.

Australia Day 2014:  On 27 January 2014, at the Embassy’s reception to celebrate Australia Day, Australia’s Ambassador to Spain, Jane Hardy, presented a speech highlighting the close and growing relationship between Spain and Australia. You can read it here. At the reception the Embassy was delighted to have the Spanish Chief of Navy, Sr. Almirante General Jaime Muñoz-Delgado y Díaz del Río, give a toast to the Australian people. 

Executive Forum 2013: On 10 May 2013 Australia's Ambassador to Spain, Jane Hardy, presented a speech entitled 'Europe and the Asian Century' to business leaders and government officials at the Executive Forum in the Westin Palace Hotel. She was honoured to be introduced by Marques Juan Miguel Villar Mir (president of OHL) and to have Spain’s Secretary of State for Defence, Pedro Arguelles Salaverria, and Ernesto de Zulueta, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Director-General for North America, Asia and the Pacific, in the audience. Click here to see her presentation.

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